CEO Messgae

Capt. D S Basraon - (President)

The Indian and Global aviation industry is evolving to new heights, and the demand for more Trained pilots is growing over the years. India is set to fill the need by offering proper education to future aviators. By choosing Gujarat Flying Club as your Flying training provider, you will surround yourself with India´s biggest providers of candidates to the aviation industry in India. Going forward, Gujarat Flying Club with its rich history, diversity, and a rapidly growth speed has all the elements to be one of the most sought-after destinations for initial aviation training.
The need of the hour is to make these professionals pass through a common platform so that they understand each other’s needs in a better way and understand their responsibility to provide healthy and professional Civil Aviation environment. Gujarat Flying Club strives to be the leading provider of initial pilot training programs for aviation professionals and airlines. Offering their programs directly from their training centre in
Gurugram and flying training at GFC Vadodara. We are equipped with state of the art technology ensuring the highest quality of training.
Our motto is to bring India up as of the major initial pilot training hub on a global scale. “We should be very self-sufficient that the rest of the world would look up to us for their aviation training needs. Establishing state of the art FTO matching global standard training facility in India is my dream". We intend to equip it with the most modern and advanced flight training aircraft in the world and cater to pilots manning modern airline fleets. We also intend to offer training to International pilots who could be the best brand ambassadors for the host country.
We are delighted to say that many of our former students are now holding enviable positions in premier aviation related organizations in India and abroad. With this note of confidence, I warmly welcome you to the launchpad of your career in the world of Aviation and I am sure that you will enjoy the best quality of specified training based and tested on global standards at Gujarat Flying Club.
Wishing you a Great Career in Aviation endeavours. 

Thanks, and Regards,
Capt. D S Basraon
Gujarat Flying Club
Vadodra, INDIA