Heartiest Congratulations to Trainees!!!

Successful alumni working in Top organisation across the world.

To uphold this tradition, we FSTC constantly upgrade our curriculum to keep abreast of the changing needs of the business. The trainees are instilled with strong cross function perspective which forms the essence of aviation industry.

FSTC are closely involved with all forms of Industry interface and gain hands-on experience, which leads to a deeper understanding of aviation concepts.

We provide guidance and support through an extensive network with potential instructors.


Sr. No. Name Aircraft Airline
1 CAPT. Avni Rai A-320 Indigo
2 CAPT. Sudhir Buddhavarappu A-320 Indigo
3 CAPT. Jezil Bhesadia A-320 Indigo
4 CAPT. Sushil Kumar A-320 Indigo
5 CAPT. Sachin Shah A-320 Air India
6 CAPT. Prabhav Bedi A-320 Air India
7 CAPT. Ankita Jadav A-320 Air India
8 CAPT. Yash Vithalani A-320 Air India
9 CAPT. Prerna Sood A-320 Air India
10 CAPT. Fenil Pandya A-320 Air India
11 CAPT. Jasmine Pushkarna A-320 Air India
12 CAPT. Akshat Sethi A-320 Air India
13 CAPT. Rutvik Tiwari A-320 Air India
14 CAPT. Siddarth Singh A-320 Air India
15 CAPT. Gautam Lawrence A-320 Air India
16 CAPT. Zane Dareo A-320 Air India
17 CAPT. K Bipeena A-320 Indigo
18 CAPT. Kanishk Thakurele A-320 Air India
19 CAPT. Meghna Kumar A-320 Air India
20 CAPT. Vibhishek Kashyap A-320 Indigo
21 CAPT. Kirti Gupta A-320 Air India
22 CAPT. Praful Singh A-320 Air India
23 CAPT. Aayush Chaudhary A-320 Air India
24 CAPT. Amith Suresh A-320 Air India
25 CAPT. Jason Flynn Thattil A-320 Air India
26 CAPT. Nitesh Godara A-320 Air India
27 CAPT. Pragat Alone A-320 Air India
28 CAPT. Nitin verma A-320 Air India
29 CAPT. Ninad Gogate A-320 Indigo
30 CAPT. Kamlesh Talreja A-320 Go Air
31 CAPT. Saurabh Tanna A-320 Go Air
32 CAPT. Amit Srivastava A-320 Go Air
33 CAPT. Kapil Malhotra A-320 Go Air
34 CAPT. Madhur Narang A-320 Blue Dart
35 CAPT. Shivani Manhas A-320 Air India
36 CAPT. Ankur Aggrawal A-320 Air India
37 CAPT. Pratiksha Prasad A-320 Air India
38 CAPT. Swayam Chopra A-320 Air India
39 CAPT. Nishant Baliyan A-320 Vistara
40 CAPT. Rahul Nayyar A-320 Air India
41 CAPT. Saurabh Mehra A-320 Air India
42 CAPT. Shankey Thakkar A-320 Air India
43 CAPT. Padmanabh Sharma A-320 Air India
44 CAPT. SiCAPT.anjit Sambhi A-320 Air India
45 CAPT. Yugal raj Atri A-320 Air India
46 CAPT. Tarini Ahlawat A-320 Air India
47 CAPT. Nikhil Kukreti A-320 Air India
48 CAPT. Akash Joshi A-320 Air India
49 CAPT. Manish Singh A-320 Air India
50 CAPT. Prateek Sinha A-320 Air India
51 CAPT. Mandeep Ghotra A-320 Air India
52 CAPT. Siddhant Gulsham A-320 Air India
53 CAPT. Jivteshinder Singh A-320 Air India
54 CAPT. Vikas Pahwa A-320 Air India
55 CAPT. Abhishek Gupta A-320 Air India
56 CAPT. Rohit Verma A-320 Air India
57 CAPT. Faraz ShaCAPT.had A-320 Air India
58 CAPT. Ishar Sachdeva A-320 Vistara
59 CAPT. Deepika Sharma A-320 Vistara
60 CAPT. Harmanjot Singh A-320 Vistara
61 CAPT. Yogesh Kumar A-320 Air India
62 CAPT. Harmazydyar Contractor A-320 Air India
63 CAPT. Shrey Gandhi A-320 Air India
64 CAPT. Sanket Chavan A-320 Air India
65 CAPT. Laxmi Joshi A-320 Air India
66 CAPT. Mohnish Parab A-320 Air India
67 CAPT. Krisburn pereira A-320 Air India
68 CAPT. Roshan Pillai A-320 Air India
69 CAPT. Ashok Suthar A-320 Air India
70 CAPT. Ashim Kumar A-320 Air India
71 CAPT. Abhishek Patil A-320 Go Air
72 CAPT. Mhd. Khwaja A-320 Go Air
73 CAPT. Swarupa Vishwanath A-320 Go Air
74 CAPT. Rameez Usmani A-320 Indigo
75 CAPT. Lav Pandey A-320 Go Air
76 CAPT. Vishal Singh A-320 Go Air
77 CAPT. Aditya Singh A-320 Air India
78 CAPT. Abhishek Kadian A-320 Go Air
79 CAPT. Rajdeep Rane A-320 Air Asia
80 CAPT. Gaurav Sharma A-320 Air Asia
81 CAPT. Ankit Sharma A-320 Air Asia
82 CAPT. Arvind Mohamma A-320 Air India
83 CAPT. Rajat Verma A-320 Air Asia
84 CAPT. Uzman Ali Khan A-320 Vistara
85 CAPT. Uday Dhariwal A-320 Go Air
86 CAPT. Shashank Jain A-320 Indigo
87 CAPT. Rohan Yadav A-320 Go Air
88 CAPT. Sachin Chillar A-320 Indigo
89 CAPT. Priyanka Tripude A-320 Indigo
90 CAPT. Ravikant Chaudhary A-320 Air Asia
91 CAPT. Manas Vij ATR 72-500 Jet Airways
92 CAPT. Sonam Ingle ATR 72-500 Jet Airways
93 CAPT. Shivam Sharma ATR 72-500 Jet Airways
94 CAPT. Kunwarjit Singh ATR 72-500 Jet Airways
95 CAPT. Thaha H Thawala ATR 72-500 Jet Airways
96 CAPT. Pranay Gaur ATR 72-500 Jet Airways
97 CAPT. Deepak Gill ATR 72-500 Jet Airways
98 CAPT. Henna Jashnani ATR 72-500 Jet Airways
99 CAPT. Kamal Singh ATR 72-500 Jet Airways
100 CAPT. Sohil Ashok Sharma ATR 72-500 Jet Airways
101 CAPT. Paramdeep Singh Bhandol ATR 72-500 Jet Airways
102 CAPT. Ankur Garg ATR 72-500 Jet Airways
103 CAPT. Jayashri Tayade ATR 72-600 Alliance Air
104 CAPT. Hitesh Kanzariya ATR 72-600 Alliance Air
105 CAPT. Vishal Modi ATR 72-600 Alliance Air
106 CAPT. Satish Kumar ATR 72-600 Alliance Air
107 CAPT. Sanjay Chatterjee ATR 72-600 Alliance Air
108 CAPT. Manoj Kumar Gautam ATR 72-600 Alliance Air
109 CAPT. Ragini parmar ATR 72-600 Alliance Air
110 CAPT. Harish Yadav ATR 72-600 Alliance Air
111 CAPT. Rohit Garg ATR 72-600 Alliance Air
112 CAPT. Payal Jang ATR 72-600 Alliance Air
113 CAPT. Ishan Dave ATR 72-600 Alliance Air
114 CAPT. Varun Yadav ATR 72-600 Alliance Air
115 CAPT. Sudeept Vishen ATR 72-600 Alliance Air
116 CAPT. Taruni Hisaaria ATR 72-600 Alliance Air
117 Sunita Sharma Atr 72-600 Indigo
118 Ishika Pattanaik Atr 72-600 Indigo
119 Ajay Murugan Atr 72-600 Indigo
120 Anand Ramakrishnan Atr 72-600 Indigo
121 Mahesh Kumar Atr 72-600 Indigo
122 Rohan Srikrishna Atr 72-600 Indigo
123 CAPT. Shankar Mudaliar B-737 Spice Jet
124 Aditya Chaudhary B-737 Air India
125 CAPT. Ankur Bhasin B-737 Jet Airways
127 CAPT. NAVNEET SINGH B-737 Jet Airways
128 CAPT. BALTEJ SINGH NANDA B-737 Jet Airways
129 CAPT. RISHI SEHGAL B-737 Jet Airways
130 CAPT. VANSH JIDANI B-737 Jet Airways
131 CAPT. MELVIN RODGERS B-737 Jet Airways
133 CAPT. ARCHIT GUPTA B-737 Jet Airways
134 CAPT. ADITYA KHURANA B-737 Jet Airways
135 CAPT. ATUL BADWAL B-737 Jet Airways
136 CAPT. KARAN PRATAP SINGH B-737 Jet Airways
138 CAPT. RISHI RAJ MEENA B-737 Jet Airways
139 CAPT. Abdul Vahab Anwar B-737 Jet Airways
140 CAPT. Amandeep Singh B-737 Jet Airways
141 CAPT. Arun Aravind B-737 Jet Airways
142 CAPT. Ashish Kumar B-737 Jet Airways
143 CAPT. Avi Kumar B-737 Jet Airways
144 CAPT. Deepak Gupta B-737 Jet Airways
145 CAPT. Devesh Singh B-737 Jet Airways
146 CAPT. Tesson Jospeh B-737 Jet Airways
147 CAPT. Ujjwal Jain B-737 Jet Airways
148 CAPT. Upkar Singh Kharbanda B-737 Jet Airways
149 CAPT. Anurag Bharti B-737 Jet Airways
150 CAPT. Drishtant Srivastava B-737 Jet Airways
151 CAPT. Joyce J Kappen B-737 Jet Airways
152 CAPT. Mohit Bhartia B-737 Jet Airways
153 CAPT. Abhishekh Ganvir B-737 Jet Airways
154 CAPT. Jayant Jawant B-737 Jet Airways
155 CAPT. Gyandeep Kaur B-737 Jet Airways
156 CAPT. Nishant Rana B-737 Jet Airways
157 CAPT. Deshpreet Vaid B-737 Jet Airways
158 CAPT. Ankush Gupta B-737 Jet Airways
159 CAPT. Sahil durgani B-737 Jet Airways
160 CAPT. Tanmay Nehra B-737 Jet Airways
161 CAPT. Sukhpreet singh B-737 Jet Airways
162 CAPT. Karanbir singh B-737 Jet Airways
163 CAPT. Vilok Maneesh Sood B-737 Jet Airways
164 CAPT. Minal Gyaneshwar Seth B-737 Jet Airways
165 CAPT. Bhavya Kalra B-737 Jet Airways
166 CAPT. Tapan Behl B-737 Jet Airways
167 CAPT. CAPT. Rony Patel B-737 Jet Airways
168 CAPT. shabez singh virk B-737 Jet Airways
169 CAPT. Rajender Kumar B-737 Jet Airways
170 Vishal Anand Shetty B-737 Jet Airways
171 CAPT. Mangesh Rajendra Kasodekar B-737 Jet Airways
172 CAPT. Vijesh Pidakkal B-737 Jet Airways
173 CAPT. Nasrudheen Madambillath B-737 Jet Airways
174 CAPT. Puneet Sharma B-737 Jet Airways
175 CAPT. Nidheesh C B B-737 Jet Airways